Connect With Your Audience

through the power of storytelling

Our mission is to activate and showcase your best authentic self through story.

Most people are terrified of being on camera for good reason. In the wrong hands, your reputation and your message can become distorted or tainted...

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For the past decade, we've discovered that the recipe for quality content is a potent mix of raw authenticity and polished excellence.

In other words, we meet you where you are at... NOW. Our goal is to determine a winning environment where content FLOWS from you.

Your story is constantly evolving, so we approach each project like the first episode in a series.

We've seen creatives find their voice, major brands rekindle the flame that once was, leaders connect with their team, and entrepreneurs uncover their vision.

We've seen nobodies become somebodies, broken hearts healed, relationships restored, careers blossom, and lives transformed before our eyes.

Not to mention, it's personally impacted us getting to hear and learn from such incredible people and phenomenal brands that share this mission.

Even members of our team have gone on to start their own businesses and achieve great things.

I would like to personally invite you into this big story, to be courageous to go after your dreams while also staying true to who you are.

My Best,

Chase Arrington

Founder / Owner

Best Authentic Self Podcast

Chase interviews creatives and entrepreneurs from all walks of life.

We focus on the heart of the story

We believe that, next to God, the most important thing is a human being. We communicate this belief through the art of storytelling, and we share it with video....

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As with any project, it's important to understand why we are telling a story. The root of our action or inaction is based on what we believe, so, in order to inspire action, we first look to find the core belief - to discover that wellspring of joy, the heartache that turned into beauty, the rebirth that created a movement. This is why we create. And we do that with motion, music, and design.

It's this passion that makes each project unique, and we are always looking to collaborate with new people and experiment with new technology and equipment, with the overall goal of preserving the essence and remembering the reason why each story is relevant to the audience.

Once we understand why, then and only then can we create moments and highlight events that help people see the big picture. Inviting your audience to join in and help ideas become reality.

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Coaching allows you and your team to create a system to produce content for your brand. This is great for influencers, entrepreneurs, and marketing directors looking for deeper connections with their audience.

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We create simple sizzle videos that showcase your vision, tells your story, and connects with your audience. If you're new to video, this is the best place to start.


"Every time they have exceeded expectations in both creativity and quality. They also made it easy for me to be part of the process, without getting into the technical part that I don’t understand. I give them my highest recommendation."

Ryan Akins, Dale Carnegie Training DFW

"I have worked with a lot of great visual production teams over the past two decades. The gang at rate among the best with their creativity, production processes, and business/marketing acumen."

Mark Talkington was exactly what our company needed! Chase taught us how to tell a story with our message. Facts tell and stories sell, Chase is a story teller in all aspects of the production. From script to screen, he played a major role in our projects becoming high quality pieces. What was amazing was how he did it all without craft services and multiple executive producers and all the other expenses added to projects by the big house production companies! Thanks!

Chris Roberts, Global Health And Safety

"The breakfast was a huge success and the film you produced made a huge impact."

Tracy Eubanks, Metrocrest Services

"Chase had some fantastic, creative ideas for my video, and personalized to my line of work. His editing made me sound better than I remember sounding that day!! We were very pleased with the end product. I would definitely use The Arrington Group again."

Evan Brooke Designs

Video Categories And Content Suggestions

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Short videos to attract attention of a pre-defined audience that move people to action.

General Format:

  • Get attention
  • Establish Need
  • Propose Solution
  • Visualize Success
  • Call To Action

Branded Content

Establish your company as a top competitor in your industry and showcase your unique qualities.


  • Hire a creative team comprised of a producer, writer, director, and editor
  • Focus on themes and a primary message you want to convey with the audience. This can be 5 different adjectives or descriptive words to give parameters.

Event Highlights

Your big day should be remembered. Event videos are typically 1-3 minute highlights and showcase the activities, people, places, and things that made the event a success.

Capturing events:

  • Get action shots of the main activities of the event
  • Highlight exhibit, speaker series, or shows
  • Key people, attendees enjoying event
  • Short Interviews With Attendees / Speakers / VIP

Live Video

Multi-camera or single camera live event coverage.

  • Book this at least a month in advance
  • Specify if you are going to be streaming this live
  • Determine if you want it for later or if you want it edited live (live editing is more costly)

How To Videos

Share use cases to your customers. Show HOW your product or service works and operates.


  • controlled product demos
  • Real world scenarios
  • Tell a story
  • Feature a happy customer

Music Videos

Our goal is to help you stand out with style, heart, and crowd appeal. We start with the natural passion and use personal style in order to connect with your specific audience.


  • Hire a producer, director, and editor that fits the style of the artist
  • Send the track where it is at the moment along with the lyrics to your team
  • Be sure to ask for a treatment from a director or producer
  • If you do hire creative help, allow them some time with the song to get a few ideas (even if you have some of your own). Then come together and put them all together.
  • Get very serious about art direction and wardrobe
  • Tap into your fan base or consider hiring models or actors to appear in your video
  • Have a lot of fun!

Podcasts / Vlogs

Grow your network and introduce new and exciting thought leaders to your audience.


  • Batch one or two days a month to shoot a series of videos
  • Schedule only on specific days of the week for interviews
  • Do a test run on your own or work with a coach
  • Consider automating this process and hiring experts to handle the shooting / editing / posting of videos

Real Estate

Use video to showcase all your space has to offer. High quality wide angle cameras with fluid movements - taking extra care to communicate lifestyle and mood.

Hiring Tips

  • Be sure to hire experts with stabilizers, wide angle lenses, and a drone if possible*
  • *if you do use a drone, be sure that they have a license or allow the expert to bring on a third party

Third party recommendation for drones:

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